How to Prep the Grill & the Importance of Prepping the Grill

There’s nothing worse than having your expensive steaks stick to the grill or your burgers fall apart because you can’t quite get that spatula to loosen them.  Whether you’re using a gas grill or a charcoal BBQ, there are a few basic steps to prepping your grill so you end up with a trouble-free and delicious BBQ experience.

There are 3 key words to remember for an enjoyable barbecue experience—if you don’t start with these steps each time:
Heating, Cleaning & Oiling!

How to do this depending on the barbecue you have:

Step 1:

For a Charcoal or Wood BBQ:

Get your coals started using your Coal Starter Can.  When they are ready, dump the coals, spread them out and put your grill/grates in place.  Cover and allow grills to get very hot, about 5-10 minutes.  Carefully remove the lid, and using a long-handled wire brush, clean the grates with firm front to back motions, loosening any leftover debris.  Once they are all clean, proceed with oiling the grill as described below.   Watch this quick 1 minute YouTube Video for a quick demonstration of this step:

For a Gas Grill:

Turn all the burners onto high, close the lid and allow the grates to get very hot, about 5-10 minutes depending on your grill.  Carefully open the lid, and using a long handled wire brush clean the grates with front to back motions, loosening any leftover debris.  Once they are all clean, proceed with oiling the grill as described below.

Step 2:

To Oil the Grill (gas or charcoal):  You will need a basic vegetable oil, a small dish, good quality paper towels and a long pair of tongs.  Pour about ¼ cup of oil into a small dish.  Fold a double layer of paper towel into a 3” square.  When your grill is ready, using your tongs, grasp the towel, dip it into the oil and wipe the grill grates in forward and backward motions, being careful not to drip oil causing flare-ups.  If necessary, re-fold towel once or twice, to get the grills as clean and evenly oiled as possible.  Your grill is now ready! View this one minute video for additional tips and a quick demo of how to oil the grill properly:

Step 3 to preserve your grill for the next cookout:

Once you are finished cooking and all your food is off the BBQ, give your grill(s) a quick brush down with your wire brush.  It will make the prepping next time a little easier, and keep the critters away.

* We recommend having a good pair of heat protective gloves for all grilling and BBQing.

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