Barbecue Tip of the Week: Rosemary ‘basting brush’ for the Barbecue to Enhance Flavor

Have a lot of extra rosemary growing in your garden but not sure what to do with it?   Make a Rosemary basting brush to rub on whatever you are grilling that could use the enhanced flavor.

Have a marinade that is already containing rosemary that you need to brush on? Use rosemary to brush it on.

Simple and fun way to infuse extra flavor into your BBQ recipes.


  • Take 3-4 snippets of Rosemary from your Rosemary plant that are anywhere from 10-14 inches long.
  • Press them up against a wooden spoon with about 3-4 inches hanging off the end of the handle side of the spatula.
  • Take butchers string and wrap it a few times around the Rosemary and the handle end of the spoon.  Don’t put any on the 3-4 inches hanging off the end of the spatula. Continue this all the way up to the “spoon” side. Tie it off and secure it.
  • Now use the spoon end as your handle for the basting brush and the 3-4 inches hanging off the handle side is your “baster”.


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