The Meaning of Barbecue for Life to us…


Barbecue for life. “What do they mean by that?” It’s a question we’ve gotten often.  For us, it is an all-encompassing expression that all contribute to living a happy & healthy life. Our top 5 reasons for establishing Barbecue for Life habits:


1.    Getting to cook outdoors. After being cooped up in an office all day, the last thing I want to do is be cooped up all evening.  After prepping some ingredients I take my animals, music, book and a nice glass of wine outside and enjoy breathing the fresh air while cooking my meal in the open sky, usually getting to see a nice sunset in the process.

 2.    It’s easy to be social while Barbecuing at same time! In a society where so many of us are overextended and like to multi-task way too much to the point of insanity, Barbecuing and hanging out with friends is one form of multi-tasking that is actually fun and relaxing.  When we have friends & family over our favorite thing is to barbecue with them, sit out on the deck, play games & catch up over the smell of amazing food cooking away on the barbecue.  If you have kids, even better, because you can watch them run around in the yard and let them enjoy the outdoors too while you’re cooking.

3.    It’s easy to prep and far fewer dishes! The way we like to grill and barbecue, it cuts down on a lot of dishes. Who doesn’t love less clean up? 

4.    To learn Barbecue basics it is not rocket science and almost everyone can establish barbecue habits for life at a young age.  Yet it’s also a skill that can continue and develop throughout the rest of your life—learning new techniques and dishes is one of the things we love most about barbecuing—you never stop learning and experimenting!

5.    Most importantly:  It can be one of the BEST cooking habits you can incorporate into your life for a healthier lifestyle!  Barbecue and grilling are good for you in so many different ways.  Learning the right techniques on the grill to cook healthy, filling & delicious meals is one of the first steps you can take towards eating healthy.

Learning to barbecue healthy and incorporate it into our weekly & often daily meals has helped all of us to lose significant weight, have more energy & get to spend quality time with friends & family while enjoying the outdoors.  Cooking doesn’t get any better than that!

We want to share our passion for barbecue with you—and hope you take the skills and recipes we share, to help you incorporate barbecuing and grilling into your everyday life. You won’t regret what barbecuing can do for your own health as well, once you get going with it!

Barbecue for Life,

Jim, Sally & Michelle Morrison

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