Baby Shower BBQ Series Post #2: BaByQ Theme Decorations

If you’ve decided to throw a BaByQ and are looking for some great decoration ideas out there, there are PLENTY around to come up with a cute BabyQ theme.  In our case since our friend was having a boy we decided to combine it with a “Welcome Little Man” theme.

We wanted to keep it simple and not overdo it on the decorations everywhere but have some fun props and decorations to make it feel like a fun Backyard BBQ welcome party for the little man who is about to arrive!

So keeping it simple, here are some of the decorations we used:

  • Mason Jar Drinking Glasses — Everyone loved them and they tie in perfectly with a Backyard BBQ theme. I’ve had a few people ask me where I bought them and I felt like I got a pretty good deal on Amazon for these for roughly $2 per jar and they had near 5 stars from reviewers so I knew they were good quality. They have held up well for parties we’ve had the rest of the summer as well.  Libbey Country Fair 16-Ounce Drinking Jar with Handle, Set of 12


  • Then go to your local Arts & Crafts store and pick up some cute ribbon that goes with your theme party colors and tie little bows on the jars. Or Raffia is an easy option as well if you want to switch up the ribbon on different glasses like we did–this makes it easier for people to identify their own glass. Also these cute straws available in bulk for under $7 are so cute!  They come in many different striped colors.  They aren’t the most durable straws BUT for the price and getting 140+ of them, it’s okay to me as they really dressed up the mason jar mugs: Kikkerland Biodegradable Paper Straws, Blue and White Striped, Box of 144.


  • Raffia, Raffia, Raffia!!  Such an affordable option for decorating and really ties in well with the BabyQ theme.  You can use it to decorate your drink, food or dessert table. Or as ties to bunch the edge of tableclothes that are too long.  Having an extra bunch of Raffia on hand when getting ready to decorate is so helpful–those $2 spent can go a LONG way!  If you don’t have a craft store nearby you can also order online at Amazon: Joseph M. Stern Natural Raffia 8 Oz.


  • Bow Tie Napkin & Silverware holder:  We created great napkin & utensil combinations by wrapping the napkin around the utensils then wrapping a bunch of raffia around the middle–the end result ended up looking like a bow tie which fell in line perfectly with the “Welcome Mr. Man” theme!  Pictures below.
  • BaByQ Sign for BaByQ Theme Shower
  • A Welcome BaByQ Sign & “Come on in” at the front entrance. Likely if you are throwing a backyard party you will probably not hear the front door ring–some sort of sign is great for letting people know it’s okay to walk on in or to come around back. My friend Kasey Campos made this sign (featured below) upcycling products and painted it herself–the sign can be used for many many more parties to come over the years and it was affordable and fun decorations in line with the BaByQ that helped make the theme! Soon a link will be here to her blog post at Life on The Divide as to how she made this, so stay tuned!  Etsy also has cute chalkboard sign options if you just search at


  • Burlap Banner – Another Kasey creationthat she will share with us how she made in a soon to come post on her own blog which I will link to here. So cute and really made the backyard BaByQ theme!

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