• Barbecue Chicken Thighs Recipe on the BBQ

  • Simple Shrimp Skewers Wrapped in Bacon & Basil

  • Barbecue Rub Recipe for Mama Rub

  • Grilled Hearts of Romaine, BBQ Ribs, Grilled Sea Scallops & Vegetable Skewers

Do you love to barbecue and grill?  We do! We want to share our love and passion for Barbecue–and want to share our expertise and show how easy it is to cook healthy and simple meals chock full of flavor every night of the week.    We use the BBQ for our flavor, not extra fat–the grill, smoking techniques and amazing rubs and sauces do all the work for you.

How to Barbecue: Want to learn  “How to Barbecue” techniques? Start here!  Tips for the novice up to the advanced Barbecue pro.

Barbecue Recipes:  Healthy Barbecue recipe ideas ranging from great and easy midweek barbecue recipes to weekend cookout meals that take a little more time (but are worth the effort!)  to barbecue recipe ideas for special holidays!

Barbecue Menu Ideas:  Not good at meal planning?  Let us help you!  Here we have links to Barbecue Menu ideas that link to all the recipes.  We also have healthy side dishes in the menu that are linked through here as well–a lot of them are prepared on the Barbecue but others are compliment side dishes you can prep ahead of time in the kitchen. .

Barbecue Blog: Curious about everything having to do with Barbecue? Follow us on our blog!  All of our newest barbecue recipes, how to barbecue tips, barbecue menu ideas and video of barbecue techniques can be found here.

Healthy Barbecue:  Why YOU should Barbecue for Life

Grill Equipment:   Key to any good barbecue is having the right grill equipment and a barbecue pantry with staple ingredients for a healthy barbecue.  We love to try out new stuff all the time and also have our regular staples that we couldn’t live without.  Read our reviews on equipment and what we consider the essentials to any successful barbecue.

About Us:  But best of all we’ll have Jim & Sal Morrison as our guides.  Barbecue is their passion and they put their many years of  Restaurant cooking experience, nightly backyard barbecues as a passion and hobby and cooking school knowledge to work for you–learn their tricks and tips to making every night an easy meal cooked on the BBQ–who wants to be cooped up in a kitchen all evening for dinner when you’ve been working all day?

Now get out there and enjoy that BBQ!

Jim, Sal, Michelle & Alex