Many Paleo Friendly recipes are on this site. Michelle has been enjoying the Paleo lifestyle and likes to post the recipes that are Paleo friendly for those out there looking for recipes. Based on her experience there were a lot of Paleo recipes out there but NOT a ton of barbecue recipes.  So she is going to be working at modifying our recipes to be Paleo Friendly.

So enjoy the site if you are eating Paleo, and click right here for the most recent Paleo friendly recipes. 

But below are some of our favorites.  And do you have a barbecue recipe you want to see modified for Paleo of ours or your favorite home cooked meal that you just aren’t sure how to make Paleo? Contact us and give us a Paleo Barbecue challenge!  🙂  We love the opportunity to always create new and innovative Paleo dishes.

Glazed Grilled Salmon:  Only need to modify to using Paleo Mayonnaise

Grilled Asparagus wrapped in Prosciutto:  Paleo Friendly AS IS!  The Barbecue gives it that extra smokey flavor that compliments the Prosciutto nicely.

Grilled Hearts of Romaine with Orange & Cucumber Dressing :  Paleo Friendly AS IS and absolutely delicious!

Rack of Lamb with Herbs, Dijon, Lemon & Garlic: Delicious and easy recipe utilizing fresh herbs, garlic, lemon juice and Dijon mustard to create a nice crust on the rack of lamb.  One of our favorite celebratory Paleo meals! Or just a good Sunday night dinner.