Masters Barbecue Pantry

The Masters Pantry doesn’t need much explanation. These are our staples we have in our Pantry, Refrigerator & Garden at any given time.  We experiment, we explore and we create amazing new recipes with these ingredients most of the time. Of course there is the occasional exotic or rare ingredient that we don’t have in the pantry–and when you come across a recipe like that we determine if we can really use all of that ingredient if we bought it, if it’s reasonably priced OR if we can substitute something else. Often you can substitute something else but sometimes you just can’t get away with that.

Barbecue Pantry Items:

Mama Rub (Or Other Rub)

Extra virgin olive oil (evoo)

Canola oil (or other neutral oil like grape seed or vegetable)

Avocado oil

Rice vinegar

Balsamic vinegar

Apple cider vinegar

Sherry vinegar

Red or white wine vinegar

Soy sauce

Liquid smoke

Good quality sherry or Madeira

Agave nectar



Dark &/or light brown sugar

Granulated sugar

Refrigerator Items: (in your pantry until opened, then stored in the frig)


Garlic-chili paste

Chipotle in adobo (puree & freeze leftover in a log shape for easy access)

Your favorite go-to BBQ sauce

Apricot jam

Orange marmalade

Mint jelly



Pickled jalapenos

Assorted Mustards – *Dijon, whole grain, honey…

Beef stock in a box

Chicken stock in a box

NOTE: Stocks in the box are usually good for 7-10 days after opening.  If not planning to use within a day or two, go ahead and freeze.

Herbs & Spices:  I prefer fresh herbs, so I don’t keep many dried on hand.

Black peppercorns

White peppercorns

Peppercorn blend

Cayenne (ground red pepper)

Crushed red pepper flakes

Kosher salt

Fine sea salt



Chili powder

Curry powder


Whole nutmeg

Ground ginger




Italian herb blend

Thyme leaves

Fresh Items: (not considered “pantry” items, but I always have on hand)




Ginger (peel, wrap & keep in the freezer.  To use, grate while frozen on a fine grater)

Lemons & oranges

Make sure you also read the below important pantry tips: 

Tip 1: Many jarred items will last several weeks in your frig, unless otherwise labeled with an expiration date, as long as you use only a clean utensil to dish it out, and never your fingers!  Don’t use your butter knife to put jam on your toast.  Date the container with a Sharpie.  If you have young kids, we understand this is a challenge but it is critical to keeping your ingredients lasting as long as they should be.

Tip 2:  If you have the time, an herb garden is such a great thing to have on so many levels! Saves you money by not having to buy a bunch of herbs just for a tablespoon needed for a recipe. It adds a great level of freshness that dried herbs just can’t duplicate.  Many herbs are really simple to grow, particularly the perennials such as rosemary, sage, oregano and thyme.  Some annuals are also easy like Italian parsley, basil, mint, chives and arugula.  Cilantro, dill & tarragon are great to have around as well, but take a slightly more green thumb than the rest.

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