Favorite Recipe Book For Getting Started With The Paleo Diet

Never heard of the Paleo diet but curious what it’s all about?  I’ve had a few people who read our regular blog posts ask me for more info about it and why I find it to be a good way to live healthy.

Number one reason for myself is how much better I feel when I am eating Paleo. I have higher energy levels, my stomach doesn’t get upset easily over eating processed foods our bodies weren’t designed to process and it’s flexible in that the diet doesn’t ask you to be perfect.  The saying goes that if you can eat Paleo 80% of the time, you will also benefit from eating that way.  There is so much to learn and understand about it that it makes more sense to just point the readers of our normal blog towards good resources for understanding why anyone can benefit from eating Paleo–we’ll just provide you with recipes for the “how” to actually enjoy the diet while still enjoying the BBQ.

Over the course of the next few months I will point you to some of my favorite Paleo resources, but a great one for getting started instantly (as it’s available as a download) is the Paleo Recipe Book .

This book helps to explain why Paleo is good for you, what foods to avoid and which ones to eat more of, while also providing hundreds of recipes.  Now it doesn’t have a ton of barbecue recipes so if that is what you are looking for, that is not the book for you. 🙂  That is why I am working on featuring more Paleo friendly barbecue recipes because I feel a lot of the books don’t have a ton–and I love to cook my dinner over fire practically every night!

The recipes I feature on this site with modifications to make it Paleo friendly are not from this book but I also enjoy a ton of the non BBQ recipes from this recipe book as well.

CLICK HERE to link directly to the book if you are interested in learning more.

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