Barbecue Tip of the Week: Foil Shield for Skewers

Do you like to barbecue with wooden or bamboo skewers?  We do!  When cooking for a large group it is the easiest way to cook without having to own a lot of extra metal skewers & keeps the clean up simple.

Makes for a great appetizer hot off the grill without any additional prep as well. The exposed skewer end works as a serving utensil so the minute it comes off the grill, you can transfer to a serving platter and enjoy!

The one issue of course is that the exposed skewer ends can burn easily if you don’t protect them from doing so.  The best trick to prevent burning? Have foil ready to slip underneath the exposed end of the skewers once you put on the barbecue.

Lay all the skewers in the same direction with the meat or veggies going to the end of the one side of skewers and leaving a “handle” on the other side of the skewers for people to pick them up from.  On the handle side put a piece of foil under the lined up skewers (see photo) to prevent them from charring or burning off so it’s easier for people to pick up and eat while the food is still hot!

Simple at it’s best!

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